REPORT: Fortnite Brought In $1 Billion In 2 Years from In-App Purchases

Even in this economy, Epic Games is thriving. The company’s popular battle royale game Fortnite has reportedly earned $1 billion in two years in sales that is in-app.

This, based on Digital Music News, which also accounts the game brought in $44.3 million in April alone through its iOS along with Android purchases. This ’s up significantly from $23.3 million in March annually over year, as purchases added up to $35.4 million in April 2019.

Fortnite has created over 129 million downloads. The in-app purchases can result from the sport ’s subscription known as a Battle Pass, costumes or skins items and more.

Fortnite’s company has been booming over the previous two years, which proceeds to show online experiences were being sought out by people before the quarantine. Together with DJs leaping on board including Marshmello, Diplo, Dillon Franics, Steve Aoki and deadmau5, plus the all-new Party Royale mode, it seems there are unlimited opportunities for growth and creativity within the game.

Source: Digital Music News

This article was first printed on Your EDM. Source: REPORT: Fortnite Brought In $1 Billion In 2 Years in In-App Purchases

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